Belly Binding: Promote Physical and Emotional Healing

September 29, 2018


I am often asked what the benefits of Bengkung Belly Binding are, so I thought I might sit down and take the time to explain. 

Diastasis recti is one of the most common reasons women may employ belly binding techniques. Diastasis recti is the separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy. It happens to women once the baby starts to develop rapidly at the end of pregnancy and the uterus begins to fall forward. 


When using a belly bind, women are able to help heal separated muscles by keeping them pulled together for 8-12 hours a day; the duration of time we suggest wearing the wrap.


Belly binding can also help preserve posture, as we often find ourselves in compromising positions while breastfeeding. The bind helps to ensure we sit upright and maintain proper curvature of the spine. 


Furthermore, when the bind is positioned correctly, it provides optimum lower back support, which can help decrease the pain we may feel from assuming some awkward positions during our first few weeks of motherhood. 


Belly binding also helps to provide extra pelvic support! This is key since the pelvis tends to suffer trauma during delivery of gigantic tiny humans! During prengnancy and childbirth, the ligaments and cartilage of the pelvis are grately impacted by relaxin hormones. While we certainly benefit from the expanded pelvic outlet, it can leave us feeling maladjusted and “open” during the postnatal period. The bind helps to facilitate closure. 


The emotional benefits of Benkung Belly Binding post-delivery are insurmountable. Most women are left feeling open and vulnerable. However, once they are wrapped, many experience immense feelings of security. This may help prevent postpartum depression, as mothers are left feeling more secure and stable during a time of great uncertainty and change. 


Another emotional benefit is that women report feeling “whole” again after being bound. When mothers first have their babies, they can sometimes be left feeling empty. They have created these tiny blessings from a cluster of cells so small you cannot see it with your naked eye, and have nurtured them for the past ten months. Being bound can make them feel whole on not only physical level, but a spiritual and mental one, as well. 

One great thing about the Bengkung wraps at Tranquil Seasons is you make them as colorful as you want. What colors will you choose? 

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Belly Binding: Promote Physical and Emotional Healing

September 29, 2018

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