Why Photography is so Important:

June 4, 2018

I have heard it over and over from expecting mothers: “I feel fat,” “this is hard” “I don’t want to remember this...” and then later, “I wish I would have had those moments captured...” As a photographer, I have heard every reason in the book NOT to get photos done, but I believe even more compelling are the reasons TO get them done. 

Memory has a funny way of going fuzzy on us. Nostalgia fills the gaps of the spaces we didn’t love as much as we wanted to. In many ways, this is good. But having beautiful photos can be even better, and bring healing where there was hurt. Photos give us tangible reminders of the beauty we did not even know was there and we can hold onto them for all of time.

Culture has taught us that getting in front of the camera has to be uncomfortable. We get all dolled up and put on our best smiles, but my favorite images of my family are the ones that don't show the manufactured smiles and pretend joy. My favorite images capture the best parts of the past for us- our connections. I want to see the way a father's eyes light up when he holds his 3 year old daughter. I want to focus on the tender interaction of a nursing mother with her infant son that she will one day have to give away to the other woman of his dreams.


These interactions are why I capture memories. Our legacy is what we leave behind and I love making sure that my clients have proof that they have beautiful connections and make wonderful memories with their families. So if you are pregnant, nursing, or your family is just getting taller and more mature, don’t miss your chance to document your life and precious memories. I would be honored to be the photographer you choose to do so. 

Working with me is a unique experience of being guided into showing your true nature. I like to talk with my clients about what is most important to them to have shine through their images. I also like to get an idea of what is normal and comfortable for ordinary interactions so that what I am capturing is the best of reality. 


About the author of this guest post:

Milena ViVenzio has been a photographer since 2006 and offers lifestyle maternity, newborn, breastfeeding and  family Photography for San Antonio and the surrounding areas! Visit her website at www.memoriesbythesmile.com to learn more about her services. 

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