Hello, my name is Tori Scholze, I am a mother of six beautiful girls who have spent their entire life keeping me on my toes. My husband is in the army, so we have moved around quite a bit. While we were stationed in Germany, I found my life’s passion; helping young women come into their role as mothers. There was a great need for this in the military community where we lived, as getting help from family members that lived over 4,000 miles away was often very difficult. I would support these moms throughout labor, and would help them in the first few days after returning home from the hospital.


While talking to a woman at a new parent support program one day, I was asked if I was going to the Doula training being held in Wiesbaden. My first question was “What’s a Doula?”. She replied, “well, you are already doing the work of a Doula, silly”.  I’ll never forget that moment of my life. Someone had finally given a name to the work I had been doing for the last few months. So, when I showed up to the training in Wiesbaden with a six-month-old on my hip, my world profoundly changed. I have since found my passion in helping educate and support new families in various ways.


When my husband and I were transferred to San Antonio Texas, we decided to lay down roots and eventually retire here. I was thrilled to have found a new community to grow in. However, I soon recognized that the birth culture here was very different from that of a military base. There was so much more for me to learn and so many new avenues to explore!  As I went about gathering information and trying to find a way to apply my trade, I found Anne Croudace at Tranquil Seasons. She believed in me and employed me! This was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, as I have been able to meet so many amazing people.


A few months ago, Anne informed us that her family would be moving to New York, as her husband had been called to do something greater. I knew, in that moment, I wanted the opportunity to carry on the legacy of Tranquil Seasons. How could I not want to take over the company that helped me find my place in life? I let Anne know my decision, and away we went. Just a few short months later, here I am, the proud new owner of Tranquil Seasons Doula Service. I have already made my mark on this amazing company, as we now offer an array of new services, with more to come. I am committed to helping families enter into their new role fully equipped with the knowledge and confidence they need to flourish!




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