• What are some problems commonly faced by new parents in regards to infant sleep patterns?

  • Baby doesn’t sleep at night

  • Baby has an irregular nap/sleep schedule 

  • Difficulty establishing a sleep environment

  • Issues establishing an ideal sleep routine

How can our sleep consultants help?

  • Regulating your infant’s sleep routine

  • Offering a customized no-cry sleep solution for your baby

  • Proving on-call support during sleep routine implementation 

  • Creating an ideal sleep environment


What are some hopes that mothers have during the prenatal period?

  • Desire to feel pampered, supported, and encouraged 

  • Aspire that their upcoming birth experience to be safe, easy, and blissful

  • Long for loving touch 

How can a prenatal blessingway ceremony accommodate those hopes?

  • Provides an opportunity for friends and family to gather and bless the mother and her upcoming birth experience 

  • Incorporates massage and foot soaking 

  • Gives the mother and her loved ones the ability to create affirmation cards 

This special ceremony is conducted in the comfort of your home anytime during your pregnancy. Materials are provided and friends and family members are encouraged to attend. 


What are some unique needs that mothers have during the postnatal period? 

  • Support transitioning into motherhood

  • Assistance moving from a state of openness (physically and emotionally) to a more closed state

  • Desire for post-birth processing 

How can a postpartum blessingway ceremony meet a mother’s needs?

  • Adopted from a Mexican Bone Closing Ceremony, this experience signifies the transition from childbearing to motherhood

  • The birth experience is discussed and processing begins 

  • Healing teas and an herbal soak help to encourage physical healing

  • Massage and rebozo wrapping or sealing help to solidify the physical closure 

This ceremony is typically done six weeks postpartum, as it is important for your body to heal adequately beforehand. This ceremony is unique to Tranquil Seasons, and I think that it sets us apart from other care providers. It is truly a profound experience. All materials are provided, and the ceremony is performed in the comfort of your own home. 


What are some considerations mothers have when it comes to pain relief in labor?

  • Desire to alternative methods of pain relief

  • Fear of epidurals

  • Aspire to have a drug-free birth 

How does it help?

  • Using a tens unit during labor can help with pain management

  • Mother’s regulate their pain control and studies show that patient controlled pain control works best

  • The unit is beneficial if baby happens to be in a posterior position

  • The tens unit helps to release pain relieving endorphins and can be very beneficial when used in induction


What are some common issues mothers face in the postpartum period?

  • Feeling open and vulnerable in the early postpartum days 

  • Dealing with abdominal diastasis recti

  • Aching hips after birth

  • Suffering from back pain

  • Experiencing velcro postpartum supports rolling up when they sit down

How can the Belly Bind help?

  • Targeting the entire abdominal area, a mother can feel more secure both emotionally and physically after delivery

  • Minimizing diastasis recti by bringing your abdominal muscles back together 

  • Helping provide more support for your pelvis in your postpartum period

  • Relieving lower back discomfort by helping improve your posture and supporting all of your abdominal muscles

Bengkung Belly Binds are made from muslin therefor are very flexible and breathable making them a great choice year round.


What are some common issues that mothers face prenatally?

  • Physical and emotional stress 

  • Aches and pains associated with their growing body and baby

  • Difficulties obtaining restful sleep

How can prenatal massage help?

  • Releases tension and stress 

  • Decreases aches and pains associated with pregnancy

  • Promotes restful sleep 

  • Strengths and regulates organ systems 

  • Improves labor outcomes and newborn health 

The prenatal massages are done in the comfort of your home.  Our highly experienced Licensed Massage Therapist, Kim, performs the massage and brings all necessary materials, including a table. 


What are some common issues that mothers face postnatally?

  • Physical discomfort and stress related to their birthing experience 

  • Mental and emotional strain associated with the demands of caring for a newborn 

  • Trouble breastfeeding and encouraging milk production

  • Swelling and fluid retention 

How can postnatal massage help?

  • Encourages relaxation 

  • Reduces pain and stress 

  • Improves breastfeeding practices 

  • Eliminates postnatal swelling

  • Helps to restore the body to its pre-pregnancy state 

Mothers need special physical care within the postpartum period. Our Licensed Massage Therapist, Kim, will provide just that. The massage is performed in the comfort of your home and Kim will bring all necessary materials, including a table. Postnatal massage is especially beneficial for mothers recovering from cesarean deliveries. 


What are some common issues that infants and families face?

  • Difficulties with infant development and weight gain, especially for premature babies

  • Trouble bonding and communicating with baby

  • Struggles establishing healthy sleep-wake cycles for an infant 

  • Obstacles in learning how to comfort and soothe baby 

How can infant massage help? 

  • Provides early psychological and sensory input, crucial to infant development 

  • Improves quality of parenting and encourages feelings of attachment 

  • Promotes infant well-being through loving, intimate communication 

  • Benefits premature babies by facilitating weight gain and improved immune function 

This evidenced-based practice is implemented in many hospitals and parenting programs. Kim, our Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Infant Massage Instructor, comes into your home to teach you how to provide infant massage. The skills you learn from her class are sure to benefit you and your little one for years to come. 


What are some problems commonly faced by expectant parents who have older children at home?

  • Lack of childcare when mother has to attend prenatal appointments with care provider 

  • Lack of on-call childcare when mother goes into labor 

  • Lack of ongoing childcare while mom is admitted in the hospital 

  • Difficulties preparing children for their new sibling 

How can our Sibling Doula’s help?

  • Prepare children for their new sibling (Sibling Preparation Class included) 

  • Arrive within one hour of being summoned to care for children when mom goes into labor 

  • Ongoing care and support while mom is admitted to hospital 

Our sibling doula package is highly customizable. Some parents want their children to be actively involved in the birth process, but need an additional support person to look after them at the birthing location. Other families would prefer to have someone care for their children at home while mom labors and gives birth. Moreover, some families prefer to have someone care for their older children during childbirth only, others request doula support throughout the entire duration of time they are admitted in the hospital. Our Sibling Doulas meet with you and your children at least twice prenatally to form a bond and get to know your children’s unique needs. 


What are some concerns that expectant parents have in relation to caring for their pets?  

  • Lack of on-call pet sitting 

  • Lack of insight into healthy baby and pet interactions 

How can our Fur Baby Doulas Help?

  • On-call pet care including feeding, medicating (if necessary), walking, and loving! 

  • Ongoing house and/or pet-sitting while mother is laboring and admitted to the  hospital 

  • Prenatal education on establishing boundaries and facilitating healthy baby and fur baby interactions 


Thank you for considering our comprehensive care offerings for your family. We look forward to serving you!

Partial or out-of-network insurance coverage may be available. Inquire about our insurance reimbursement support.


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