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There is help for NIGHT OWL BABIES!

The main thing we find ourselves doing at Tranquil Seasons is helping families get through the night with their newborn.

Important Sleep Deprivation Article by Jane Sandwood

Why is having help at night so important to your health? 
Read THESE reasons for Sleep Care

What does an Overnight Doula do?

Postpartum Doula - serves the mother after birth, by assisting her to get to know and understand her newborn as well as supporting her own recovery both physically and emotionally.

Besides giving you a great night's sleep, postpartum doulas support you in so many more ways:

We help with breastfeeding, especially those moms who are worried they are not producing enough. If you want to breastfeed, we will help you reach your goals and if you want to wean, we have wisdom to make that process easier on both you and your baby as well. We can help you to improve your supply, alert you if we see reasons for concern and reassure you as your baby grows!

sleep doula baby sleep training night doula baby nurse san antonio

We help with sleep training, because if your life is easier when we are NOT there, it shows we did a good job when we WERE there. Rather than hold your baby all night long - which makes life harder on you later, we help you discover the obstacles to your baby's sleep and find solutions to assist your baby to increase their quality and quantity of snoozing hours.

Anne is your local expert when it comes to baby sleep. She will personally assess your situation and give recommendations appropriate for the age and weight of your infant, to move you all forward in the process toward better sleep.

We help with newborn care concerns, and when you think you've read all the books, your baby decides to do something you can't figure out the answer for. You'll often hear us saying "Stop reading books and start reading your baby!" which is hard to do - but makes life so much easier when you start understanding what your baby is trying to communicate to you. Imagine how much easier it will be when you have a postpartum doula to help you translate! Whether it is a persistent diaper rash, colic, gassiness, or un-figure-out-able crying, we have the insight you need to decode the crying and help calm and nurture your baby every time.

Tranquil Seasons Postpartum Doulas are:
Creative Trouble-Shooting

We will feed you, help you get some sleep, do the dishes, fold the laundry, teach you all our secrets to conquering gassy, fussy baby issues, we'll change and burp the baby and calm all crying. 

Most of all, you'll get some rest and when you wake, you will have a renewed sense of confidence. 
Why?  Because You can do this!!!!

You just need a cheerleader and a personal assistant.
Your doula is both.

How can a postpartum doula help at night?

1. Simply by being there.
We bring mom snacks while nursing in the middle of the night, and then when she has finished, she toddles back to bed and easily falls back to sleep, while we burp, change and soothe her newborns back to sleep. It's nice to know you're not alone when you're tired and overwhelmed, because the middle of the night can be the hardest time emotionally, to get through.

2. We can give advice on healthy sleep habits.
When your doula is there, with fresh eyes, and lots of experience, she will get to know your family's dynamics, the personality of the babies, and also your desires for night-time feedings. With all that information, we can work with you to develop a customized, loving plan. We will help you take your parenting style through the transitions from child-led into a gentle, flexible, yet structured night time routine.

3. We are more than baby nurses/nannies.
We will not just hold the baby all night if fussy- which makes it hard on you when we're gone. We will help teach your babies ways to self-soothe, and we will troubleshoot and solve the obstacles that keep your babies from learning that important skill.

4. Your home will smile at you in the morning.
And you will smile back... because when you emerge from your den of slumber, the common areas will be tidied, your dishes will be done, the piles of laundry will be clean and folded, one-handed snacks will be prepared in the fridge, and your hot breakfast will be waiting for you. Your home will be quiet, with babies soundly sleeping and you'll be able to take a deep breath, spend some grown-up time with your partner and feel human again.

Having an overnight doula is the perfect way 
to start the day off right as a new parent. 
THAT can make all the difference!

210-548-8800 or email us
to set up your initial meeting and discuss your family's needs.


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