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We offer:
Labor Doulas / Birth Doulas
Postpartum Doulas

Bedrest Doulas
Overnight Newborn Care
AKA: Baby Nurses / Night Nurse
Childbirth Education Classes
Hypnobirth Doulas
Hypnobirthing Classes
Childbirth Coach Training
Labor/Birth Pool Rentals
Belly Casting
Newborn Care Classes
Breastfeeding 101 Classes
In-Home Breastfeeding Support
Gentle Infant SleepĀ Training
Sleep Training / Sleep Consultants
Baby Planners

More About Us

Established in 2002, the Tranquil Seasons agency was founded by Anne Croudace - who trains and mentors women internationally as labor and postpartum doulas as well as providing advanced doula education including lactation support and childbirth educators. Today, we have grown to include several certified labor/birth doulas as well as a handful of certified postpartum doulas, lactation support providers and newborn nannies serving clients in and around the San Antonio area.

We also provide classes specific to: relationships in transition, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and early parenting.

The discerning principles that shaped the care we have been providing for over a decade are still deeply imprinted in the way we serve each family today. We realize not all families desire this high level of care, but our skilled pregnancy, birth and newborn experts are ready to help educate and smooth this most precious transition in your life.

We specialize in labor support for VBACs, cesarean prevention, and postpartum care of multiples, preemies, babies with special needs such as reflux or apnea, breastfeeding, mothers who are experiencing perinatal or postpartum mental/emotional challenges, and are familiar with a wide range of other family dynamics and needs.

We also provide customized, gentle infant sleep training classes, consultations and in-home services when needed.

Part of our team includes a massage therapist, prenatal and postnatal fitness instructors as well as a registered dietician to support all areas of a healthy pregnancy and assist you to look and feel your best after your little one's arrival.

Thank you for considering our comprehensive care offerings for your family.
We look forward to serving you!


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