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Labor Doula Care

What Birth Support Looks Like

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Postpartum Doula Care

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Breastfeeding Support

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Sleep Consultations

Go Home Gorgeous Program

Massage Therapy Services

What is the "Go Home Gorgeous" program?

It's an amazing and unique program that allows you to bring all the pampering you need (privately contracted), to wherever you are, during this special event of birth. We are the only San Antonio GHG providers.

Massages - At your home during pregnancy and/or while in labor, after you've given birth, during your hospital stay and again at home, post-delivery. Our Licensed Massage Therapist, who is certified in prenatal and postnatal massage will be glad to come to you wherever you are, and bring all her healing goodies.

Beauty Services - In-hospital makeup and hair styling, as well as in-home salon services, to prepare you for photos, visitors in the hospital or at home. Whatever scenario you might find yourself in, we can help make sure you look and feel your most gorgeous!

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Post-Birth Processing - We work with counselors and coaches, who will be honored to share this sacred space with you, as you process through your birth experience. We recognize that all the makeup in the world can not "make up" for a sad countenance. We will be there for you, to bring the light back into your eyes when you're struggling with depression or just the normal feelings of Baby Blues.

Binding and Fittings - All over the globe, women bind their bellies after birth to help keep their posture healthy as well as to gently guide their bodies back into shape. Not only that, but it just feels so good to have your tummy bound after birth, when everything seems to just be sloshing around in there! We have a number of binding techniques and products to meet every need and preference. We will also be happy to help you with fittings for nursing bras and other special post-pregnancy garments.

You can schedule ahead for your services, or call us as you feel the need.

210-548-8800 or Email Us about this special program.


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We offer:
Labor Doulas / Birth Doulas
Postpartum Doulas
Bedrest Doulas
Overnight Newborn Care
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Childbirth Education Classes
Hypnobirth Doulas
Hypnobirthing Classes
Childbirth Coach Training
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Belly Casting
Newborn Care Classes
Breastfeeding 101 Classes
In-Home Breastfeeding Support
Gentle Infant SleepĀ Training
Sleep Training / Sleep Consultants
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